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Because—after thirty years of ignoring warnings about climate change—we have a few scant years to slash emissions, and also to prepare ourselves and our societies for coping with the fact that we’ve already done irreversible damage. If a soft landing is still possible, it will require slowing emissions way down fast, and also a runway with as few potholes as possible: and in turn that will require a mix of science, politics, economics, and movement-building. Salvation, such as it is, lies in solidarity: in working together to meet the most dangerous, and most interesting, challenge of our lifetimes.

I’ve covered this saga for decades, and I’ve helped organize for change. Here’s my bio, but basically I’ve written about pipelines and gone to jail to stop Keystone, reported on climate finance and ended up in handcuffs in the lobby of Chase Bank.. So I think I’m well-positioned to provide the necessary context: what’s important and what’s not, where we have to push hard, where the the leverage lies. I know many of the players, and love to highlight good work. I get pissed off fairly easily. This newsletter will reflect all of that. So, subscribe.

Most of what I’ll write will be free, and for everyone—this is a crisis, and information needs sharing. But there will also be a paid subsection, which costs sixty bucks a year, or $6 a month. My share of these subscription revenues is going straight to the bank account of Third Act, the brand-new organization that will try to rally “experienced Americans,” (meaning, over 60 like me) to fight for climate justice, and justice generally. (And if you’re in that demographic, you can sign up to help—or send your parents and grandparents our way).

If you subscribe, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping support this new organizing effort, and you’ll also get something weird. Every Friday for the better part of a year I’ll send you a new installment of The Other Cheek—it’s a sequel to my oddly popular novel Radio Free Vermont. I hope it will be fun to read a book a bit at a time, sort of in the way that Dickens novels first appeared in serial. (Apologies in advance for not being Dickens—I do hope that a small weekly chunk of fiction might actually work pretty well in our era of shorter attention spans.) Those Friday posts will also include a few random notes on where we are in the movement, new science, and so forth—and as a paid subscriber you’ll get the chance to respond, and to suggest new directions.

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