Sitemap - 2021 - The Crucial Years

Hey Ho It's Hot Out Here

Giants at Rest

A low point but not an endpoint

The Apple Starts to Ease Off the Gas

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

A Bleak Bleak December Day

Sausage-Making Capture and Storage

Drop the Charges

Chapter 31

Chapter 30

Banksliding and CalPERSiflage

Older, Bolder--and Still Pretty Loud

Stop chopping

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Mea culpa kinda sorta

Chapter 27

Chapter 26

When movements work

140 Days BC

Chapter 25

Chapter 24

It's useful to have known history

The Never-Ending COP

Chapter 23

Chapter 22

Mostly pictures

Chapter 21

Chapter 20

What Climate Levers are Left to Pull?

Glasgow: where climate wreckage began

The Climate Summit is Mostly Banal--With Moments So Deep You Walk Away In Tears

Our Broken Politics May Break the World

Glasgow Begins, Damply

Biden may not have hit a homer, but he keeps the game alive!

Chapter 19

Chapter 18

As we head to Glasgow, a king tide of climate research

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Keep the oil in the soil! A massive win for climate justice


A TED Talk and someone with something to actually say--in the same room!

Chapter 15

Chapter 14

If the Bath's Overheated, You Turn the Cold Spigot Up and the Hot Spigot OFF.

Treewashing, and other Friday notes

Chapter 13

Chapter 12

Facebook is to our minds as Exxon is to our air

Joe Manchin's Truly Brutal Ransom Note

Chapter 11

Chapter 10

Starving the Beast

A Thing So ‘Shocking and Offensive’ It Literally Can’t Be Permitted

We actually better pass the Big Bill

I think that I shall never see/An urban cooling device as effective as a tree

Chapter 9

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

We're Finally Catching a Break in the Climate Fight

It's Friday--do you know where your $3.5 trillion spending bill is?

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Chapter 5

How Should a Movement Operate?

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

The Other Cheek: Chapter 1

The Other Cheek: Author's Note

Friday's here again (and we beat Harvard)

Triumph! Harvard Finally Divests From Fossil Fuel

A Pashtun Muslim Leader Might Have Been the Noblest Man of the 20th Century

A few choice words from Bernie on Labor Day

Might Non-Violence be Entertaining? We Shall See

Big Business to Planet and People: Drop Dead. Damply.

We've Wasted Enough Decades