Induction stoves are getting even cooler. Now thanks to a couple of startups that are putting a battery into the bottom of an induction range, you get all the well known benefits of induction (faster, better control, cleaner, easier clean up, healthier, safer, cooler kitchen, and a cooler climate) *plus* you can just plug it into a regular 120 volt outlet (no need to install a new 240 volt circuit) *and* it keeps you cooking and your whole kitchen powered through multi day power outages *and* saves money and carbon by not drawing grid power during the evening peak. https://www.climateaction.center/induction-battery

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More tools for finding a better credit card to move to at https://www.climateaction.center/fossil-fuel-free-credit-card

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"The Willow Project would extract 500 million barrels of petroleum ..." This is roughly 5 days worth of global oil consumption. But at a nominal $75/bbl, it represents a gross sale value of $37.5 billion, so it's easy to understand the enormous political pressure on any US president to green light this.

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Bill, I wanted to thank you for something I read when I first stumbled upon you on Substack. concerning how pissed off our children are at the inaction of the adults to address climate change...Well I’m not a writer, but I do write songs. So you motivated me to write a song with this theme, and I entered it into the tiny desk contest, on NPR. The collective age of my band is 212 years, but we managed to rock it out. It has subtitles, and I was hoping you would share it with others since you inspired it! Love your work! Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JPNKdwLR2s

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Nitty gritty organizing question. If anyone knows someone who has the jpg or other image file to make one of the banners in the article here ("This Bank has a Climate Problem"), I would love to have it. I looked on Third Act, but was unable to find it.


Keith Danner


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Thanks to all these 🦖 hydrocarbon 😈 "industry" corrupted, biosphere math challenged 🐍 Presidents, (i.e. Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, Trump AND Biden), we are in for a LOT of Catastrophic Climate Change MISERY. 🤦‍♂️

Climate Change, Blue Water Cargo Shipping and Predicted Ocean Wave Activity: PART 1 of 3


Economist Steve Keen: "We need a World War Two mentality to deal with the real breakdown of nature."


CO2 is plant food so MORE CO2 from Burning Hydrocarbon Fuels is 😒 "GOOD"? 🙄


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Unless there's something wrong with the info I have, people are greatly exaggerating how much CO2 emission that Willow project is going to cause.


The project will result in emissions equivalent to 1.7 million, or maybe 2 million cars over the project's 30 year lifetime (I've seen both figures). The latter figure is equivalent to 60 million cars, slightly more than 1/5th of the nation's cars, running for a year. That latter volume of CO2 emissions is equivalent to slightly more than 3% of annual US global warming emissions over that one year period.

Projected immigration--67.5 million people over the next 40 years, according to Census Bureau figures--will cause more than double the emissions resulting from the Willow project. The average immigrant's GH emissions triple after arrival in the US, which should not be surprising, since people come to our country wanting to consume like Americans. We are the major industrialized nation with the greatest per capita GE emissions, and resource use--one of the worst places on the planet to put more people.

I don't have any idea if Biden made some potentially beneficial political deals here. But if we're going to dump on this small Willow project, maybe it's time to push the powers that be to reduce immigration.

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