Watching from New Zealand! Strength to your rockers. Then getting started Down Under....

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thank you!

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Remember TaffyAbel.com

The first Native American in the Winter Olympics (1924)

The first Native American in the NHL (1926)

Commisioner Gary Bettman at the NHL will not honor him.

I will donate to Third Act $10/person if you bring your rocking chair to block the NHL HQ door in NYC.

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Don't be surprised if the protests are miscaracturized as support for Trump and a protest of his ( hopeful) indictment, the first of MANY, God willing...

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I don't think his name will be anywhere to be seen. It will be interesting, at the least!

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I have an account with Bank of America, and a Visa card through that. I need a place for my social security to land (I keep my balance below $200), and I use the card as a cash substitute -- I've never paid a penny of interest on any credit card in my life. Still, it's the principle of the thing, isn't it? We close our accounts and cut up our credit cards to demonstrate our rejection of the banks' financing of the climate disaster. But I can't do it right now, not when I'm planning to move across the country and need an interstate bank. I will do it before the end of the year, I promise. And I'll write a letter to the bank when I do, so they understand why I've left them.

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DO you have credit union? They usually have fair rates and policies and actually are beholden to you. They work for you. Big banks have tried to squeeze them, but..

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Believing that humans have an impact on the temperature of the planet is equivalent to believing you can measurably speed up the boiling of a pot of water on the stove by standing next to it. We are insignificant. The sun is the burner, and is wildly variable. All climate change is due to the sun, and only the sun.

Now if you want to get serious and focus on reality; Humans are polluting the environment. Focus on pollution, something WE do control, and something that WE can fix. Something WE did fix in the 60's and 70's, but guess what it costs more, so we offshored the pollution to China. Lets pay for a clean environment, and tariff China for the implied costs of what it would cost to make something here in the USA.

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RIGHT! Pollution is terrible problem. But your analogy I sincerely believe in correct.

what if There are 7 billion humans, cooking and creating heat next to your pot of water. THink of the heat from 7 billion people each with a fire burning.

CO2 and CH4 are particularly pernicious lately in that GHGs demonstrably hold in infrared radiation the earth is (desperattely?) trying to shed. CFCs, just like in 1980s are again a problem for that reason. The melting, the changing environment, CO2 and other GHGs driving that. The science is good.

One benefit is that if we stop burning fossil fuel crap, we breathe clean, less soot, finally stop mercury, stop MTBE further emission at least.

Plus PV gives you power. You make your own, sell or keep. Drive the private utiliteis from this earth! Independence strength, rationality, less anger and oil war and dirty politics by Exxon and Putin.

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Watching in Oz. Grateful for Third ACT’s true US Leadership. (BTW back in 2020, when the streets were almost ceded to the soulless corporate billboards, that’s when DOTS first got *on* the streets.) Love and Solidarity. ✊🏽#DemocracyOnTheStreets #ClimateChalking Join the #dots. 🐛🦋

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I can’t make tomorrow’s rally but will cut up my credit card. Please recommend a green bank to use instead.

Marnie Sinclair


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Mar 19, 2023·edited Mar 19, 2023

If you ask yourself why common sense actions that desperately need to be done (that we-the-people have been clamoring must be done, for several DECADES NOW), are NOT done, or even discussed, by Congress, please remember that 9% of the people in each of the two mainstream political (i.e. STATUS QUO 🦖🐍 DEFENDING) parties 😈 DECIDE WHO "wins" the primaries for either party. Are you doing the math? That is right. When a tiny group of elite 🎩 gatekeeper poobahs 🦍 control who can be our "choices" in elections, that is call an 🦀 OLIGARCHY, NOT a 🗽"democracy".

The "choice" has been made for us by the Oligarchs. They have chosen Catastrophic climate Change through continued Profit Over People and Planet. Do NOT expect them to change their insanely socially destructive ways. WHY? Because they are Social Darwinists.

Darwin's "Theory" of Evolution birthed the Social Darwinist Ideology that has, to the detriment of human society for nearly 150 years now, worked against ethics in human actions.


Because Social Darwinists believe that ethics based principles are 'limitations pretending to be virtues'. To them, ethics are 'feel good illusions' that humans invented to pretend our species has empathy. To Social Darwinists, empathy is irrefutable evidence of inexcusable weakness. To them, all who are guided by ethics are deluded fools that should be eliminated from the human 'apex predator' gene pool for the "good" of our species.

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Social Darwinists believe that the dictum, “survival of the fittest” (a term coined not by Charles Darwin but by sociologist Herbert Spencer), means that only the "fittest" should survive. Darwin's book published later ("Descent of Man") made it clear that Darwin completely supported the morally bankrupt views of Spencer.

Enthusiastic converts to Social Darwinism have, to this day, used the language of evolution to frame an understanding of the growing gulf between the rich and the poor, as well as the many differences between cultures all over the world. The explanation they arrived at, and continue to use to justify biosphere trashing profit over people and planet, regardless of any alligator tear filled mendacious claims to the contrary, is that businessmen and others who are economically and socially successful are so because they are biologically and socially “naturally” the fittest. 🙄🤔

Conversely, they reason that the poor are “naturally” weak and unfit and it would be an error to allow the weak of the species to continue to breed.

The ideology of the Social Darwinist is indistinguishable from the despicable ideology of NAZI Germany, clearly exemplified in their brutally enforced morally bankrupt concentration camp law: “Eat your own bread, and if you can, that of your neighbor.”

IT's the Social Darwinism ST__ID!

Published February 4, 2023 By Derek Seidman , TRUTHOUT

Massive Inequality Is a “Concerted Elite Class Project,” Says Heather Gautney


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