This morning, Mike Mann posted The Hill piece by Amy Thompson and Saul Elben titled “Dust from the moon could help slow climate change, study finds” with several paragraphs about SRM* proponent David Keith’s views—Keith leads a solar geoengineering* lab at Harvard—followed by PLoS researchers’ conclusions, and wrapping up with Dr. Mann presenting arguments against the idea, stating “While it is certainly true that reducing sunlight can cause cooling, it acts on a very different part of the climate system than carbon dioxide,” and ”there is a far simpler solution: reduce or eliminate the reliance on fossil fuels.”

My understanding is that “Global warming in the pipeline” preprint (Bit.ly/Hansen-arXivDec22) by James Hansen et al. as well as the AI model you cited last week (Bit.ly/BillMcK31Jan22) counter Dr. Mann’s premise that reaching Net Zero will stabilize global temperature and quickly begin cooling the planet—that irrespective how aggressively emissions are reduced, we will blow by 1.5°C and that 2°C is a pipe dream.

Hansen concludes that there is ~10°C built -in and extraordinary measures including SRM* are in the cards if we hope to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentration to 300ppm (0°C)—at least no greater than 350ppm (0.5°C)—and reduce CH4 from ~1900ppb to ~730ppb (as well as reducing other GHGs to preindustrial).

Would you please talk with Dr. Mann and resolve this apparent discrepancy, this imponderable conundrum?

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Note * SRM (Solar Radiation Manage) and solar geoengineering are understood to include MCB (Marine Cloud Brightening), SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) and other oceanic and tropospheric biological, chemical and albedo enhancing methods of cooling locally/regionally as well as globally using aerosols of salt crystals, iron chloride, sulfur dioxide and other molecules

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What Greta said, about striving for people on the other side of the world ... we need to do all we can to build solidarities across borders, to build a sense of shared purpose, identity and interest. On that, can we imagine ways to integrate actors outside the US in support of 321123? Perhaps something as simple as pavement chalk could serve as a global connective tissue, and help connect the dots ...

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Heading down from Portland to the Bay Area to reunite and work with David Solnit before the big event there in March! It'll indeed be fun to be out in the streets again!

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Does anyone know if Bank of Texas and Bank of Oklahoma are also financing oil and gas companies?

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I would like to upgrade to a paid subscription, but I cut up my credit cards...now what!

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