Dear Bill - re global warming and great art - do check out Nick Cave's Forothermore at the Guggenheim - he writes "A Tondo is me looking at these brain scans of inner-city youth that live in extreme, violent zones, and the trauma that comes from that, and pairing that with extreme weather patterns - colliding these two forces together."

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Mar 8, 2023·edited Mar 8, 2023

Meanwhile the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn continue to peddle their green facade. Prison is too good for this pack of morally bankrupt liars:

Oil Change International

March 7, 2023 By Andy Rowell

COP28 🦖 President pushes false fossil fuel solutions, such as CCS, at 🦖💰🦀🐘🦕🐍🦍🐉 CERAWeek


Also addressing the conference this morning was 🦖😈 Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber, who currently fulfills two completely contradictory roles. He is the Group CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), as well as President for the upcoming COP28 climate talks in Dubai later this year.

Many scientific, political, civil society commentators, including colleagues at Oil Change International, have already pointed out how utterly incompatible it is to be the boss of and oil company and a host of a climate conference at the same time. It is akin to a tobacco baron organizing a conference on smoking and health. The conflict of interest is palpable.

Speaking after his appointment, Tasneem Essop, executive director of Climate Action Network International, told the Financial Times that Al-Jaber’s presidency of COP28 was “tantamount to a full-scale capture of the UN climate talks by a petrostate national oil company and its associated fossil fuel lobbyists.”

Full article: 🤦‍♂️😠


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We must keep working to protect people from Big Oil and all its subsequent fallout. In Pennsylvania the EPA and PA DEP approve of injection wells, wells that inject the toxic waste water from fracking into the ground, without giving the people whose well water can be contaminated by this, any news about it. Thank goodness there are a few who speak out. When our only source of drinking water is ruined, the value of our land is destroyed and we are sacrificed. Industry should not be allowed to do this. Our lives must not be external to the accounting of industry, to say nothing of the devastation that Climate Changes is brining to us and our offspring.

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I would STILL like to hear from you to gain some traction for a solution to carbon pollution that much to offer in many sectors

Please contact me

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There would be nothing “green” about stimulating and extending a war in Ukraine, doing nothing to secure an immediate ceasefire, pumping in more ammo and bombs to destroy it…..and then spending trillions of dollars and using resources to do toxic cleanup for decades with decorating it with wind turbines or whatever.

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