This is a big push in the supermajority gerrymandered Ohio General Assembly. Thank you for highlighting that peaceful protest is a fundamental right, and nowhere near being a terrorist activity.

Corporate greed in our country and the world is a very real problem.

ALEC has its toxic tentacles in Ohio government and state governments throughout the country.

Making protest assembly a terrorist activity is something all citizens should be speaking out against in their respective state governments.

On a not directly related issue, Mr. McKibben, a conservative friend mentioned recently that car batteries for electric cars are being made with slave labor in The Congo. Is there any truth to that? Do you know? Or is it a pro fossil fuel what-aboutism? Thank you!

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Thanks for your voice on this.

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This is a primary weapon of Neoliberalism: the co-opting of words with emotional resonance in everyday speech by encoding those words with special meaning that is not actually emotionally resonant with the common use of that word.

Terrorism is random acts of violence against a population for the express purpose of creating widespread terror of random attacks as a strategy for forcing a political resolution to a conflict between populations.

In this sense, we are all victims of terrorism, because any one of us could be caught up in some future act of violence.

None of us are at risk of being harmed in organized acts of civil disobedience directed against persons in position of authority for the purpose of calling them out for an inauthentic use of their official powers.

Public discourse needs to expose this linguistic chicanery.

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I saw Bob Massie on Tom Dodge's program yesterday (you got a shout out as a good friend) That made me smile. He spoke of much of what you wrote. How the global economy was built on (mostly) white, male European powers, carving up the world in colonialist ventures, and stealing extract resources from native peoples. Honestly, I couldn't have put it better myself.

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Thank you for your ongoing governing of the carbon pollution reduction debate with empathy for and responsibility to human beings. These core values, of course, are fundamental to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights vision of the ideal world as strong, diverse communities of nurturing parent families caring for each other in their local civil society organizations, ethical businesses and government task forces.

I hope you and your followers will consider reading Dr. George Lakoff's recent Substack entitled "Cut the Not" at https://framelab.substack.com/p/cut-the-not-why-banishing-one-word. Lakoff would recommend reframing your article's title to something like - Protest is a civil and human right." The reason is because when you negate a frame, i.e., terrorism, you strengthen the frame AND link it to whatever you are saying is not terrorism. Lakoff would suggest a Truth Sandwich.

For a complimentary copy of the Illustrated Universal Declaration of Human Rights visit https://empathysurplus.com. In it recipients will find the moral reasons of why free expression in peaceable assemblies are human rights. If our common world vision is strong, diverse communities of nurturing parent families caring for each other, the governing bodies of those communities must protect all family members when they cry out for help. That's laid out in the Preamble of the UDHR. In addition, according to Articles 1, 2, 29, and 30, all of the human rights afforded to these inhabitants at birth of these communities are protected by commitments from each of us to governing with empathy for and responsibility to others. We're obliged to protect and empower human rights from terrorists.

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Thank you for speaking truth to power in your wonderful way! Hope more people listen before it's too late.

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