This report is absolutely terrifying, especially for the people of the Bay of Bengal. I’m still up reading a bit before bed in SC. My heart breaks for them already as I have had a sense of impending doom all day. About all the interconnected crises in our lives that suck time, energy and money away from dealing with the Climate now. All the balderdash and media crowing about Trump’s idiocy sucks needed news coverage of the most existential threat of our time out of focus, the climate crisis that will end the planet. We continue to spin our wheels wasting time on Trump trivia, GOP versus the Democratic hopes to actually address climate now. It’s the behavior of the wealthy, powerful grifters everywhere who value themselves over all other peoples in the more remote areas of the world. It is truly pathetic juvenile behavior wasted on things that will matter not at all when the seas rise and overtake lands everywhere. An extinction behavior to be followed by the actual event. No rest for the weary or worried realists here just lucky to be out of the path of this particular storm. I dread the morning’s news but that’s an everyday event. Our poor children and theirs. What a world we are leaving them. Will review the links again in the morning for any personal behavior that could be helpful. So sorry to be here with you tonight. I appreciate so much all the detail to be digested and acted upon tomorrow. May whatever God may be protect the people in the Bay of Bengal from the horrors coming. ❤️🌏🕊️🥲

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It is important where we push. Big Oil just sued The Pension Promise for Disloyalty, to Big Oil.

We need to push Oil back, away from our Pensions.

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Nothing new here, move along.

Since 2007 when I met you at Golden Gate Park (to introduce “350” we did pushups and jumping jacks on the lawn together), I’ve been advocating #RetireRefineries #OnePerWeek which might have forced CO2 ppm down to 300ppm by now, but the economic and political forces dictated expansion, not shrinking of the problem.

Your summary of today’s status points to decades more struggle, tipping points passing by in relentless unfettered slow motion.

Is now the time to seriously research and deploy serious triage intervention (like CPR and tourniquet) to cool the oceans by replenishing the marine life to Holocene norms? From phytoplankton to fisheries and whales whose mass and fecal matter sequester carbon naturally.

And replenish the Arctic ice cap, Greenland ice sheet and Himalayan glaciers, all of which will “tip” irreversibly long before Net Zero might save them.

Warm Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern Ocean waters will not cool by reducing future emissions. Removing past legacy emissions and direct cooling are needed to curtail the incursion of warm tropical subsea currents that melt the polar ice from below.

I’d say this reality needs to become the kitchen table conversation such that our esteemed leaders sense our collective outrage. We need to somehow turn oil & gas and their henchmen in DC on their heads. Nationalize and use command and control measure to wind them down adroitly!

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I certainly hope that Jigar Shah was riffing ***against*** driverless cars. Driverless cars are just one more way for Silicon Valley to monetize human activity, albeit a particularly lucrative way, as Shoshana Zuboff has written. It will also certainly raise the cost of going from place to place, as the amount of computing power necessary to do everything the human brain does while driving would be huge.

Other than that, a lot of important info in today's. Thanks Bill.

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A really important posting today. Thanks for keeping us so informed.

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