Sadly, Mark Twain was correct when he said “it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” We environmentalists have a lot of convincing ahead of us.

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Thanks for shining some light on Exxons algae biofuel greenwash. The USDA/DOE et al continue to waste incredible amounts of funding on RnD in spite of ZERO success with commercial scale production after decades of trying. Biofuelwatch did a useful report on algae biofuels: https://www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/2017/report-microalgae-biofuels-overhyped-pose-risks-to-ecosystems-and-public-health/

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If 🦖😈 Exxon had EVER been serious about finding BOTH a plant based answer to stopping and reversing Catastrophic Climate Change from CO2 pollution AND a plant based renewable energy fuel source to replace gasoline with ethanol, they would have invested in a massive project to grow, harvest and refine Duckweed (Lemna minor is one of several fast growing duckweeds).

It's not to0 late. However ,the government should be the one pushing the Duckweed Project. The Hydrocarbon 🦖😈 Hellspawn Oil Majors never will. The US Government could EASILY fund the Duckweed Project by Just using the "subsidy" money now taken from we-the-people to hand out to 🦖 Big Oil Welfare Queens.

Duckweed is the plant that may save mankind by enabling our species to live symbiotically, instead of parasitically, with the biosphere.

🎋 Duckweed, the Miracle ✨ Biofuel Plant Part 1 🌞


Duckweeds have a worldwide distribution, especially temperate and tropical regions.

They are the smallest and structurally simplest of all angiosperms, with greatly reduced vascular tissue (tracheids) limited to the veins of plant body, filaments of stamens, and roots of some species.

Duckweeds and associated microfauna are an important food source for certain waterfowl.

They are potentially valuable for waste-water reclamation and one species, (Wolffia globosa) known locally as "khai-nam," is eaten by people in S.E. Asia.

There's a LOT MORE to duckweed than waste-water reclamation. With proper nutrition (🐷 pig feces do quite nicely), they can DOUBLE their mass ✨🌞 in 48 hours.

There is simply no other angiosperm on earth that can increase its biomass that fast. It is true that algae, in theory, can grow even faster but harvesting algae and extracting biofuels from it is quite a bit more expensive than harvesting and extracting biofuels from duckweed. For algae to be used to replace crude oil, the price per barrel needs to be above $120 or more.

However, if crude oil is at or above $72 a barrel, all products now made from hydrocarbon feed stock can be made cheaper from duckweed feed stock.

At the time of this writing, fossil fuel crude oil was $111 a barrel. Need I say more? Well, yes I do.

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The US military is the single biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world. This is due mostly to their extensive network of bases, airfields, and ports, and the fact that they’re constantly moving people and supplies between them. 

But right now the Pentagon,and most other countries militarys do not have to track or report on their contribution to global warming. So No One can make a realistic plan to reduce pollution, or even report how it fits into our existing climate and clean energy goals,even the UN.

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I want to upgrade my subscription, but I can't because I cut up all my credit cards ( as you recommended), and using a credit card seems to be the only way to pay. Do you take check or cash?

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Dazzlingly informative, but I'm SUDDENLY possessed with the notion that world environmentalists are into a "silo" where they barely notice the SUDDEN millions half-dying now from the Turkey-Syria earthquake.. Where's Berlin Airlift magnitude SUDDEN relief by air? Okay, not much votes in either ecology or charity? -- but put them together? (I'm picturing slogans like "Shrink Population To NOT Shrink Mercy" -- an approach I haven't seen tried). Just thinking, just using "Freedom Of Speech" (history's rare gift) now as a semi-impoverished, semi-enfeebled 77-year-old. That's my max effort.

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Exxon put the brakes on its nuclear energy business selling it to Germany that one act terminated huge part a supply chain at Exxon’s financial benefit


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This is such a crazy story!

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Another cool bespoke word I saw recently: Petrocultists

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Bill, you're outdoing yourself! Scum-Scam!!!! Alliteration of the best kind! Somehow I suspect you weren't riveted to your mega-big screen tube last night, but the EV ads were dynamite - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iaUoJUdTk4

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