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For the 2022 Winter Olympics next month in China, they are out of 'natural snow' there so they are sending their ships to Greenland for 'natural snow'

Q. So yes they claim to be working toward netzero ... but are they?

A. Likely not with all their coal fired power plants going full tilt and the new ones they are bringing online.

The snow crisis in China is caused by our Global Climate Crisis and China's snowjob to the world is factual as is their egregious violation of human rights toward minorities just as the US and other counties have done over the past 500 years toward BIPOC / Indigenous communities and people.

There was enough snow at the 1st ever Winter Olympics in France a 100 years ago. But times and greenhouse gases have changed. See this iconic film the 1st Winter Olympics and you be the judge. The USA flag bearer was my Native American Uncle - Taffy Abel.


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